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Kuripot TV releases new episode with a promo

Kuripot TV, the official YouTube channel of Kuripot Journal, is back with a new episode, a new vlogger, and a promo to engage more followers.

On Monday, February 22, 2021, episode 5 was released both on YouTube and Facebook. Apart from Potpot who's been the primary character in the vlog since its inception in October 2020, the man behind the platform, Mr. Fjordan Allego, also officially appeared. Viewers will see him on the succeeding episodes alongside Potpot.

Also, episode 5 marks the first time that Kuripot TV will be raffling off something for everyone! Kuripot followers both on YouTube and Facebook will get a chance to win simply by just sharing a comment to the video. There will be two winners - one for each platform. Both winners should be subscribed to Kuripot TV to claim the prize. Prizes may vary per episode.

If you haven't watched Kuripot TV's episode 5, watch below:

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