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3 Benefits of Donating Blood

Perhaps you've seen a number of bloodletting drives already with various organizations leading blood donation activities to help people in need. You may have friends and relatives who volunteered to have their blood donated to patients who badly needed it. But, what is it really for us when we donate our precious blood? Is it really just to help organizations such as Philippine Red Cross get blood bags for emergency use?

According to studies, donating blood can also do a lot of good things to us. Among those in the list, here are the top three benefits of donating blood:

Free Health Check-up

Before you're actually being allowed to donate blood, doctors will conduct their routine health check-ups to all interested donors. While this may not be as comprehensive as that in an annual physical exam, it's still worth knowing your overall health condition in relation to blood donation. 

Burn Calories

If you are monitoring your calory intake, donating blood can also help you achieve your goal in this area. According to the University of California, San Diego, you can burn approximately 650 calories per donation of one pint of blood. While this is already a good number, you should still refrain from associating blood donating as an alternative to a weight loss plan. Just take it as a little extra motivation.

Joy of Saving Lives

As cliche as it may sound, blood donors are heroes. Imagine a patient in need of a blood transfusion but the hospital no longer has any spare to use, that would be a nightmare. But because of blood donors like us, hospitals and their blood banks will have a constant supply of blood enough to serve patients who really need it the most.

Perfect Match

This month, on behalf of Pru Life UK and its partner organizations, Kuripot Journal will be joining the Perfect Match Blood Donation Drive on Saturday, February 20, 2021. For those who are interested, you may register via this link. To be held in Brgy. San Antonio Covered Court, Pasig City, the event is co-organized by JCI Ortigas, Alpha Phi Omega, Barangay San Antonio and Walang Maiiwan PH.

Tulong tayo, mga Kuripot! See you all!
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