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McDo Listens: Sundae for a Survey

It's my second time to avail of the free sundae from McDonald's Shell Emerald in Ortigas. I just happen to check the receipt and noticed the part where it encouraged customers to rate their service by answering a short survey. It's quite easy to avail compared to other similar surveys. If you want to avail it too, here's what you need:

Visit and Buy at McDonald's

Go to your nearest McDonald's branch and buy your favorite meal. Make sure to get the receipt as the survey details are listed there.

Answer the McDo Listens Survey

In your internet-enabled device, access and enter the first four digits of your official receipt number to start the survey. You will then be asked to enter your email address. Please do so as this is where they will be sending a verification email and the coupon for your free sundae. Answer the succeeding questions about your recent visit to their store. Be as honest as possible as this will be used to help improve their services.

Verify Email

Open the email account that you entered during the registration. You should be able to receive a verification email similar to the one in the image above. Click the Verify my email link to verify your email.

Get Voucher

As soon as your email has been verified (which would only take a couple of seconds), you should receive another email from McDo Listens containing your sundae voucher. See sample image above. This voucher is only valid at the McDonald's branch where you had your survey and is good for the next 60 days or as mentioned in the generated voucher.

Redeem Free Sundae

Go back to the same McDonald's branch indicated in your voucher and present the digital copy of the coupon (the voucher sent to your email) to the cashier along with the original receipt. Enjoy your free sundae!

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  1. Good eve... we would like to give some comments on how mcdo san miguel will treat or how to entertain their customers...we are mcdo fan but here in san miguel mcdo some of their senior managers are texting or nagtsitsismisan then trabaho ba ng mga managers ang maglinis ng pinagkainan pati cr sila pa maglilinis but the other managers were siiting while texting... ano gngwa ng mga other crews and managers ganyan ba ung mga senior managers iaasa sa mga junior managers nila... gising mcdo san miguel

  2. Mabilis yung service time nila tsaka yung quality mg food okay siya. Thank you

  3. Ang lupit nyo delivery kulang 2hrs bago dumating..inorder ko ng 10:41 dumating 12:30..katwiran ng rider. Madami daw order ang grab..hello..yung sundae n order ko syrup n ng dumating..outlet taytay bayan floodway taytay lng kmi kulang 2 oras..ok lng sna kung ang nklagay sa resibo binanginan branch eh..hahah..grabe k u

  4. Thank u mcdo for the good service.

  5. I received an incomplete order today from your shaw mall branch. When i got home and open the plastic bag, my order of 2 sets of gravy is not included.
    Feel disappointed here.
    OR NO. 00055762
    TIME : 11:28AM

  6. super friendly and kind ng mga crew sa eastwood mcdo

  7. i wanna give some feedback to eastwood mcdo ok nmn po yung quality food nila and good service

  8. Ayaw kami bigyan ng free sundae wala daw silang cone sabi ko kahit sa plastic cups ayaw pa rin hahahha kaines


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