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KFC treats GCash users with 50% off promo

KFC is treating all GCash users with a 50% off promo today, February 17, 2021, if they order via GLife!

KFC is one of the first merchants to get onboard on GLife, GCash's in-app list of stores that directly connects to the merchant for smooth user experience transaction.

No need to go on separate apps or websites just to order and pay. With GLife, you can just access KFC's "mini-app" inside GCash app and directly order your favorite meals!

Hurry, mga Kuripot! This offer is only good for today. Open your GCash app now and order your favorite KFC chicken buckets! 

If you don't have GCash yet, it's so easy to create one. Just click this link using your mobile phone and follow the registration process.

Don't forget to share your awesome experience ordering KFC via GCash's GLife in the comment section!

Note: This is not a paid post.

KFC treats GCash users with 50% off promo KFC treats GCash users with 50% off promo Reviewed by KJ on 12:32:00 PM Rating: 5

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