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GCash launches 'QR on Demand' for money transfers

GCash launched a new money feature in their mobile app that allows users to conveniently send money and provides better security.

Called QR on Demand, the new money transfer feature utilizes QR codes by letting users generate one when sending and/or receiving money.

Prior to this launched, GCash makes use of QR codes for their merchant accounts where buyers can scan the code to pay. This time, GCash is rolling out the feature even to their retails clients.

This is also the same with how UnionBank deployed their QR payment method which their users have been enjoying for quite some time now. BPI also accepts QR codes for fund transfers of their depositors. 

The good thing about using QR code for money transfer is that users won't have to enter account numbers, or in the case of GCash, a user's mobile number. It's safe because users won't need to divulge their mobile numbers. They can confidently display their QR codes publicly without worrying if their accounts will be hacked.

Make sure to update your GCash mobile app to get this new feature.

Hopefully, these QR codes in GCash and other local banks will have full integration so we won't have to enter account numbers as well when sending and receiving money from other financial institutions.

If you don't have GCash yet, it's so easy to create one. Just click this link using your mobile phone and follow the registration process.

Note: This is not a paid post.

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