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Answer the KFC survey, get a gift on your next purchase

First of all, this is not paid post. Let's just say, I'm fond of sharing my comments and opinions. Wouldn't it be nice if you'll get rewarded for doing that? Well, KFC Philippines have been rewarding their patrons for a quite a long time now just by answering a survey.

When you buy something from KFC, take a look at the receipt. Along with the items that you've bought is an invitation to complete a survey. In the receipt, you should be able to see a 15-digit unique survey ID that you'll be needing when you log in to the survey site.

Go to and enter the 15-digit unique survey ID. Enter it as is including the hyphens. Make sure that you enter .ph at the end otherwise, you'll be redirected to a similar looking site.

Answer all the survey questions with all honesty. Don't worry, the staff won't know if you didn't give high  scores.

The whole survey will take around 2-3 minutes depending on your pace in answering the questions. At the end of it, a five-digit validation code will be generated. Write it down on the space provided on your receipt.

Some KFC stores give out brownies while some are mashed potato in exchange of the completed survey receipt. I believe this depends on the stock of the branch. Also, in some branches, you can immediately claim your gift as soon as you have finished answering the survey while some requires you to present it on your next purchase.

For the validity of the receipt, you have three days to complete the survey from the purchased date. That should give you sometime to think about your KFC experience.

The whole idea here is for KFC to know what their customers are really experiencing. They want firsthand information from those who have just ordered from them. So, make sure that your opinion counts. The next time you eat in KFC, secure your receipt and answer the survey.
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  1. Is it okay if I present the receipt with the validation code in other branch of KFC? It's my first time to read my receipt. Thanks


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