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Is Snapcart still worth it?

A year ago, we featured the rewards app called Snapcart which allows you to earn money by just snapping receipts. For 2018, I've only cashed out once for Php606.54. I got around the same amount for my total cash outs in 2017 - Php376 in June and Php350 in October. I was kind of expecting that as Snapcart grows its user base, they'd be able to add more incentives but for 2019, but it's the opposite case.

Snapcart announced earlier this year that they will now accept receipts apart from your groceries. Receipts from restaurants, department stores, etc are now considered valid when you snap them using the app. However, there's a catch. Snapping receipts no longer rewards you money. The new policy will just give you coins which you can use to play Snaptastic. Playing Snaptastic gives you a chance to win money.

This new rewards scheme of Snapcart will make you snap more receipts so you can play more in Snaptastic eventually giving you more chance to win money.

While the app also removed the maximum number of receipts that you can snap in a day, it will now take you longer to accumulate enough money to cash out.

I personally tracked the money that I earned last month, April 2019. Snaptastic is not generous in giving you the rewards you deserve. I played it every day and won 14 times - in all instances, I only got less than a peso. See table below:

As you can see, I only earned Php8.24 for the month of April. Is it worth it?

I play the game every day for three times (the first three games will only incur you 500 coins). 

I may not have spent a single centavo in Snapcart but the time I spent using the app is definitely worth more than Php8.24.

Still, I'm giving this app a chance. They may be struggling internally and trying to keep this app sustainable. I'll give this a few more months hoping that the rewards system will improve. Let's all hope for the best.

What about you, kuripot? Are you still using Snapcart?
Is Snapcart still worth it? Is Snapcart still worth it? Reviewed by KJ on 3:04:00 AM Rating: 5

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