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Snapcart: Get cashbacks by snapping receipts

Did you know that you can get cashback just by snapping receipts? You read it right. Snapcart pioneered this reward system in the Philippines and is now one of the best apps that I highly recommend here in Kuripot Journal.

Some kuripots may already know the benefits of using this app. I've been personally using Snapcart for more than a year now though this is the first time that I will be mentioning it on this blog. Hopefully, this would enlighten some confusions about the app especially to those who have yet to use it.

Snapcart is available for download both in iOS and Android devices. Upon download, fill out all the necessary details to be registered. You should now be ready to snap your receipts and starting earning cashbacks.

Snapcart only accepts receipts from your groceries, medicine, and cosmetics. The receipt should be utmost 3 days old but I suggest you snap it as soon as you get it. Not only that this will ensure that the receipts are still new, this would also save you time from losing the receipt or eventually forgetting to snap it. Take note as well that the receipts should be yours or any member of your household.

The rewards that you'll get may double depending on your frequency of uploading valid receipts. It may also increase by playing Snaptastic, a game within the app.

I already earned a total of P1,273. Not that much but it wasn't bad either, right? 

Just a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post and I'm not going to earn anything from those will sign up after reading this blog. This is just to show how happy I am with the app and share it with the whole kuripot community.
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