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Kuripot Journal reaches 500 likes in Facebook

Two years after Kuripot Journal has been launched, the community, specifically our Facebook Page, has grown to more than 500 likes today. 

The goal is to change the way we think about a kuripot. While some still associate the term negatively, we hope that our works have helped a lot of kuripots manage their finances properly so we can all be living proofs that being kuripot is definitely not a curse.

This is certainly not the end for us and we're looking forward to a more engaging kuripot community where anyone can share tips and recommendations to everyone else. Continue to join us in this journey and invite your friends to be part of a community that not only supports the kuripot lifestyle but also encourages everyone to save, invest and be financially secured.

Kuripot Journal reaches 500 likes in Facebook Kuripot Journal reaches 500 likes in Facebook Reviewed by KJ on 9:54:00 PM Rating: 5

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