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Of Lottery and Raffle Promos

Call me loser but I'm such a sucker for all promos. I literally scout for those best deals and discounts out there. I even compare promo prices of the same brand on different stores just so I could tell which one has the better offer.

Aside from 'that' kind of promo, I also love joining raffle promos. Yes, those types where you could win thousands and even millions of pesos. The kind that you see in noontime shows and other variety programs. Here's why I think this is better than joining a lottery.

Sample raffle entry | Credit: Pinoy Hot News

Lesser investment capital

When you join a lottery, you will have to pay P20 for one bet. That will be your initial investment. Compared to raffle promos, you'll only have to invest with a long white envelope (around P2 per piece). I did not include the brand that you will be including as a proof-of-purchase. Why? Go to the second bullet.

Common household products

Unlike with a lottery where you are buying a ticket just so you could join the game, raffle promos usually require you to include proof-of-purchase of any of their participating products. These products are practically the ones that you're already using.

Take for example the on-going Kapuso Milyonaryo raffle promo. It's quite rare for any household that are not using any of the accepted brands: Zonrox, PorkSavor, Del, Tang, Eden, Oreo, Sunsilk, Creamsilk, Funky, Milo, Bear Brand, Nescafe and Greencross. I'm pretty sure you're using at least one of these products. Or, you can easily switch to any of these to replace the existing brands that you're using.

Lotto outlet | Credit:

Instant garbage disposal

This may sound funny but you're actually limiting the amount of garbage that you're disposing since you are collecting your empty shampoo sachets, wrappers, etc. to include as your proof-of-purchase in the raffle. While it may be a small amount of your daily waste, at least you have eliminated them from your trash. I guess the organizers of the raffle recycle all the wrappers at the end of the promo period. Where else could they put all the entries, right?

We all have our personal reasons why we try our luck on lotteries and raffle promos. If we love joining both, there's nothing wrong with that. Just make sure that you don't depend too much on these games. You still have to work hard to earn more. At the end of the day, be it a raffle promo or a lottery, these are all game of chances.
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