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Top Kuripot Mobile Promos

Competition can really drive prices lower. The companies involved are also making drastic moves to step up their game. The bottom line, we, consumers, are benefiting.

The duopoly between Globe and Smart in the local telco market is now being challenged by the newcomer DITO Telecommunity. The recent news show that Dito's initial offer is very kuripot-friendly threatening the existing consumer-base of both Globe and Smart who've been demanding better services for years.

For our Triple Treat episode this week, we are featuring the top kuripot mobile promos from these three telco giants as of March 2021.

Just a note, our top picks are those that apply for prepaid users only. These promos may have their counterpart in the telcos' postpaid variants. 


Ayala's Globe Telecom has been introducing cheap mobile packages both for their prepaid and postpaid users. Here are some of the most sulit promos that kuripots out there will really appreciate:

Go90 - This is probably one of the most popular Globe Go promos where subscribers can enjoy one entire week of unlimited text messages to all networks, 8GB of data for all sites, and 1GB of GoWiFi for only P90. You can also extend it for just P10 per day using GoLONGER10 or add unlimited calls to all networks for one day via GoCALL10. If you want to extend the promo for an entire month, do it by leveraging on Go COMBO promos: GOCOMBOAHBF191GOCOMBOGHBFA18 - all for P299!


MVP's Smart not only brought us Korean superstars in their latest TVCs, they also have a wide range of affordable deals that their kuripot users can avail of. Here's  the most sulit one:

ALLOUT99 - Smart's All Out Surf 99 is actually a good deal. For an entire week, subscribers can enjoy 1GB data with 100MB per day of Facebook, unlimited text to all networks, and 100 minutes of calls to Smart, Talk N Text and Sun.

For more data allocation for a month, Smart also has GIGA+649 which includes 8GB of data and 1GB every day for YouTube, iflix, NBA, Cignal & iWant, unlimited text to all networks, and unlimited calls to Smart/TNT/Sun.


The newbie in the market offers a way cheaper mobile package as part of their introductory promo. Their SIM card is also free enticing a huge number of users to switch networks, or at the very least, give their services a try.

For only P199, DITO subscribers will have access to one month of unlimited text, unlimited calls, and unlimited data! To be fair though, in comparison with the other two operators, their unlimited text and calls are exclusive to DITO-to-DITO users only.

DITO is indeed promising. While their welcome offering is really cheap, we still don't know if they can really outperform Globe and Smart. But like the rest of the consumers who are tired of the lame services of our telcos, DITO is an answered prayer. 
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