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Kuripot Ipon Challenge 2021

What's up, mga Kuripot!

Dahil 2021 na, it's about time na buhayin na ulit natin ang blog na ito.

I know we've focused much of our efforts last year on boosting our Facebook Page with fresh and engaging content (which is, by the way, doing well na, so far!). 

This 2021, we will also post more stuff here so we hope that you'll still continue to support this blog as we try to revive it, ok ba, mga Kuripot? 

For our first blog this year, we will be featuring Kuripot Ipon Challenge 2021

I know, we've seen a lot of similar challenges online and we're definitely not going to compete with them. We are actually joining them in this campaign. This challenge will be about you and your saving habits. Our goal is for all of us to have our savings by December 2021.

How does it work?

So, how does this Kuripot Ipon Challenge 2021 work? 

Simple lang, you choose your own saving style - the one that best suits your lifestyle. 'Yung kaya mong gawin hanggang end of this year. 'Yung hindi mo mafi-feel na you're depriving yourself just because you are saving.

There are several options naman to choose from. 

May mga ipon challenge na you can save digitally. If you have GCash, PayMaya, CIMB, ING or even your traditional bank account as long may online access ka, you can use it to save regularly. You choose whatever amount suits you. P50 per week? P100? P500? P1000? Ikaw ang bahala. You can't cheat on your own self so just do your best to save there.

Pwede ka ring mag-alkansya. There's this ipon challenge thing na they tag a certain bill as invisible. If they get one, they'll save it. For example, "invisible P50". Every time na makakakuha ng P50, you can't spend it. You have to save it. Put it sa alkanya mo. You can also do the same sa P20, P100, P500, P1000. Again, ikaw ang bahala sa gusto mong amount na ipunin.

You can also opt to save any coins na mare-receive mo. Just put it sa alkansya mo and count it by December this year. Pasok ka na sa challenge natin!

One of the most popular ipon challenge campaigns ay yung may increasing contributions. For example, on the first week you saved P100. The following week, you'll save P200. You have to double your previous week's contribution hanggang end of 2021. This is actually a good ipon challenge din.

Is there a registration to join?

Don't worry. Walang babayaran dito to join. You don't even have to register. You just do your own thing. Ang importante, you decided to start your ipon challenge this year. And that you are committing to finish it by the end of this year.

We will not force you to update us pero if you are willing to share your progress, feel free to send us a message sa Facebook. Who knows? Baka ikaw ang una naming ma-feature sa blog na ito at sa ating social media accounts! Baka ma-guest ka rin namin sa Kuripot TV!

Kidding aside, we are serious about teaching everyone the habit of saving. Pero this is not going to be effective if walang cooperation ninyo. You have to act on it. You have to start saving.

This is not even for us. This is for you. Para may madudukot ka sa panahong mangailangan ka.

Feel free to invite your friends to do the same thing. You can even partner with them para may someone accountable to remind you of your ipon challenge.

For us here in Kuripot Journal, we will update you on our progress. We won't be divulging any names, siyempre, but we'll try to share proofs to show na we're on track of our saving goals.

So, paano, Kuripot, maaasahan ka ba namin dito? Will you join us sa Kuripot Ipon Challenge 2021?

Say yes to this challenge and enjoy a merry Christmas by December! Pramis, we'll all be thankful once matapos natin ito. We just need to commit to ourselves na gagawin natin ang challenge.

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