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Kuripot's Stock Market Journey

Today marks the start of my stocks journey. I've been eyeing either COL or BDO Nomura for my platform but since I was invited by a friend who's working in BDO to activate my BDO Nomura account, I then decided to try it.

I did my initial research on the two platforms. Both charge almost the same transaction fees but in terms of usability, COL is the king. As a beginner, I would've chosen COL but then again, I factored in other aspects such as ease of fund transfers (BDO is my primary bank account) and customer service. I'm pretty sure, most would still prefer COL so enough of my excuses, I'm probably just biased with BDO.

As soon as my BDO Nomura account has been funded, I tried to explore the platform. I didn't immediately buy stocks. I wanted to be more familiar with the platform itself first. A couple of days after, the stocks went down and that signaled me to purchase my stocks.

I'm into a longterm investment so I chose those that are pretty stable in the market. I won't be detailing here the first companies that I've bought my stocks with. I'll keep it to myself.

I know that this move is too risky but the initial capital that I invested here is the minimum one - P5,000. That's just a spare money from the recent bonus I got from my current employer. I've learned that you don't go to stocks using your savings. You should consider the money that you'll be investing here as an expense already so that if you'll lose, your savings should not be affected.

I got so excited the moment I saw the movements of the stocks that I've purchased. I wanted to fund my BDO Nomura account and buy more. I'm not sure if others felt the same way when they tried stock investing but it is really addicting. Of course, I controlled myself not to be tempted. I'm still kuripot after all.

Anyway, I'll try to keep this blog updated with my stock investment journey. If you're new to stock investment as well, feel free to share your experience in the comments section. See you soon!
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  1. Did you go all in with your 1st investment?

    1. I did although I still have around P400 in my balance. I was actually thinking of using it to buy more but I also considered the charges that I may incur so I decided to keep it for now and add it up on my next top up.


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